Car Wash and Auto Detailing Services at Brookhaven Auto Wash and Detail Center

Exterior Auto Wash in Brookhaven PA

All Exterior Car Wash Services Include:

  • Presoak Application
  • Foaming Body Wash
  • Wheel Brite
  • Spot Free Rinse

Ultra Auto Wash $12
Also Includes:

  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Under Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor
  • Rocket Blast
  • Tire Dressing

Auto Wash Plus $10
Also includes:

  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Under Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor
  • Rocker Blast

Auto Wash $7

Additional Services:

  • Rain-x Total Body Protectant
  • Tire Dressing
  • Hand Cleaned Wheel Rims
  • Excess Mud Removal
  • A-la-Carte Options:
    ~ Undercarriage rust inhibitor,
    ~ Triple foam-polish
    ~ Clear coat protectant

PA sales tax included in all pricing



Full-Service Car wash in Brookhaven PA

All Full Service Washes Include our elite interior cleaning which is performed off line after vehicle is washed


Our Elite Interior Cleaning Includes:

  • Complete Interior Vacuum
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Dash, Instrument Panel
  • Cup Holders / Door Panels
  • Hand Cleaned Door Jambs & Rims
  • AND Our Final Exterior Touch-Up

3 Rows of Seats add $2

Full Service Wash Packages

Elite Ultra Wash $20
Includes Free Tire Dressing

Elite Auto Wash Plus $18
Elite Auto Wash $15
Additional Offline Services:

  • Tire Dressing $2.00
  • Interior Dressing $4.00



Express Auto Detailing in Brookhaven PA

All Express Detail Services can be performed while you wait!


Express Polish
2 Rows - $34.99 3 Rows - $44.99

Includes Ultra Exterior Wash, Hand Cleaned Rims and Tire Dressing

Vehicle is hand polished using a liquid wax to enhance the shine and protect the finish from the elements. Safe for all types of vehicles.

Approximately 15 minute service. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
Express Carpets
2 Rows - $37.99 3 Rows - $49.99

Includes Elite Interior Cleaning

  • Hard to reach areas are vacuumed with crevice tool
  • All carpets and mats steam cleaned
  • Most spots and stains treated and removed

Approximately 20 minute service.

Hard Surface Super Clean 
2 Rows - $42.99 3 Rows - $52.99

For those of you who live in your vehicle

Approximately 25 minute service.
Express Seats
2 Rows - $39.99 3 Rows - $49.99

Includes Elite Interior Cleaning

Approximately 15-25 minute service.

Detailing Service does not include PA sales tax



Full service professional auto detailing in Brookhaven PA

All full service detailing is available by appointment only! Please call ahead to check availability.
Our full service detailing packages offer a more comprehensive and meticulous cleaning and/or reconditioning of your vehicle. We will review your vehicle and discuss our services with you in order to meet your every expectation!


Exterior Handwax
Begins at $69.95

Includes our 3 step process of claying, polishing and waxing your vehicle’s finish to protect and shine like new.

(We can also use an advanced polymer paint sealant for an additional $10)
Elite Interior Detail
Begins at $99.99

Includes an extensive cleaning of the main interior components of your vehicle including the mats, carpets, seats and all the interior surfaces.

Complete Detail
Begins at $159.99 for Sedans
$179 for SUVs & Minivans

We also offer a variety of miscellaneous detailing services including hand washing, wheel only details, and road pant removal!

If you have specific areas of concern, please feel free to call or ask us for more information!


Detailing service does not include PA sales tax

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